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Charming photos of purple sea creatures

Rare and amazing, the delightful purple is present from the sand of the beach to the depth of the water.

Purple beach

Purple Beach

Pfeiffer Beach in Big Sur, California
Credit: Mariusz Jurgielevicz

The sand of the violet Pfeiffer Beach has this purple shade due to the presence of manganese garnet particles.


Purple sea snail

violet sea snail

Purple sea snail

Purple sea snail or Janthina spends almost its entire life at the surface of the ocean. It secretes a layer of chitin to trap air bubbles that help it to float.

Purple starfish

purple sea star

Purple Starfish

The purple sea star, or Pisaster ochraceus, can be found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Purple jellyfish

violet jellyfish

Purple jellyfish

Jellyfish sting effects may range from no effect to extreme pain or death. It may be necessary to call for medical assistance. The first remedy is vinegar, or salt water. Rubbing the wound or using alcohol may have negative effects.

Purple seahorse

violet seahorse

Splendid colored purple seahorse

source: Lloyd K. Barnes

Orchid Dottyback

violet dottyback

Purple Dottyback

Purple soft corals

violet soft corals

Purple soft corals

source: BobMars

Purple dolphins

violet dolphins

Adorable purple dolphins playing in the sea.



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