siberian huskies

The Siberian Husky  are alert, adaptable, eager to please, and extremely loyal, they love to spend time with their humans and participate in family activities. They are bright, intuitive, and easy to train but also tend to forget and need reminding. Siberians love children and use them as an outlet for their energy.

Siberians can be very stubborn and are easily bored. Without an outlet for their incredible energy, they tend to be very mischievous.

Siberians make awful watch dogs because of their personality and their friendly disposition. They’re more apt to befriend a thief than bark at him. By the way, huskies don’t bark. Instead they talk to one another and their humans in a soft “woo woo woo” sound. They seem to have a language all their own and if more than one is present, howling sessions can be quite common.

Siberian huskies are often referred to as “Houdini’s”. When bored these resourceful animals will find ways to escape, they will climb a fence, jump a fence, and yes even go under a fence. They are curious and eager to explore.

Because the Siberian has such a gregarious nature, and despite its impressive strength and somewhat wolfish appearance, this people-oriented breed should never be considered for guard duty.  Leave your home in the care of a “guard” Siberian and he will most likely welcome an intruder with open arms, fetch (for the first time in his life) your valuables and show him the best route of escape–after all, Siberians are great escape artists.

These highly active dogs are the happiest when they are working. Siberian huskies love the outdoors and especially the snow. If it’s snowing outside, they’ll drive you crazy until you let them out.