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Adorable kiss

Did you know? Kittens are born with blue eyes. They begin to change color about two weeks after their eyes open. Dogs’ wet noses help them smell better. The mucus attracts and “catches” more chemical scent particles in the air. Domestic cats love to play, especially kittens love to chase toys and play fight. Play […]


Cute Nap

The little bulldog is having a sweet time cuddling with its toy.


Extreme cuteness: dog waits while boy plays in the puddle

Arthur stumbles upon a puddle while walking with his dog, Watson. He tries to enjoy the puddle while holding the leash. But wait, something is not working too well. What should I do? Gently puts down the leash. Twice he turns back his head to be sure Watson is waiting, then starts playing. He walks […]


How funny, these guys really can jump

They are flexible, full of energy, and most of all they are incredible cute. These jumping animal pictures can bring inspiration and energy for every viewer. So, you say I can’t jump? I’ll show you now. Want to see more? Dogs can jump too. I am one with the wind. I am the wind. Come […]


You don’t wanna upset us

The Siberian Husky  are alert, adaptable, eager to please, and extremely loyal, they love to spend time with their humans and participate in family activities. They are bright, intuitive, and easy to train but also tend to forget and need reminding. Siberians love children and use them as an outlet for their energy. Siberians can […]


Adorable summer rain pictures

Summer rain, please come and stay. Someone is waiting for summer… source: Amy Dykstra Someone is trying to catch rain drops Someone has to cut the grass Someone has only one job: to be happy dancing in the rain source: fantasyphotographyonline Someone finds his love in the rain    


Nap Time: cats sleeping with dogs

Getting tired? Let’s try some massage first. Comfy, my friend?   Maybe you need a blanket. I’ll tuck you in.   This is the best blanket ever. A little bit of stretching… I won’t bite. And I’m not going to smell your feet! Let’s have bunk beds!   Or make a spoon. Oh, that’s more […]


How cool are these guys?

Living with a dog makes its owner kind of looking like their pet, they say. The other side of the saying becomes true sometime. These dogs sit like people and it seems they enjoy it. Well, there may be some situations when dogs simply agree to sit how they owners make them too. They are […]