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Sleeping on the edge: 9 unbelievable places where cats can sleep

Cats are very fond of climbing and they love to sleep. In fact, as all cats owners know, these adorable kitties spend almost two third of the day sleeping or snoozing. Although I know cats are very well trained climbers, I am still amazed in what places they choose to take a nap. And finally […]


Nap Time: cats sleeping with dogs

Getting tired? Let’s try some massage first. Comfy, my friend?   Maybe you need a blanket. I’ll tuck you in.   This is the best blanket ever. A little bit of stretching… I won’t bite. And I’m not going to smell your feet! Let’s have bunk beds!   Or make a spoon. Oh, that’s more […]


Nap Time: Let’s count kittens

And one kitten… Two kittens sleeping… Three kittens… Four kittens…   Five kittens sleeping together… Six… No, wait! How many kittens are there?