Incredible Cuteness

Greatest cuteness in the world :)

Cute Polar Bear Cub In The Snow

You won’t have any chances to see a cute little fellow like this at the South Pole. Polar bears live only in Arctic region, at the North Pole. Arctic comes from the Greek word Arktikos, that means near the Bear, northern, referring to the constellation Ursa Major (Great Bear), or to Ursa Minor (Little Bear).


Pretty Squirrel Gathering Nuts in Autumn Leaves

Squirrels have such a trusty nature, that make them ones of the few wild animal species that will eat out of your hand. For Native Americans the squirrel is a symbol for trust, preparation and thrift. When winter is a few months away, squirrels species, that don’t hibernate, begin to store nuts, acorns, and seeds […]


Extreme cuteness: dog waits while boy plays in the puddle

Arthur stumbles upon a puddle while walking with his dog, Watson. He tries to enjoy the puddle while holding the leash. But wait, something is not working too well. What should I do? Gently puts down the leash. Twice he turns back his head to be sure Watson is waiting, then starts playing. He walks […]


Say cheese: rare and charming animals smiles

Whether the animals are capable to smile or not remains controversial. Some scientists say that we tend to see human expression on the animal faces, but they do not exist. Meanwhile some studies take in consideration the possibility that animals could smile for real. If you ask me I strongly believe that animals can show […]

Cute jumping baby owl

How funny, these guys really can jump

They are flexible, full of energy, and most of all they are incredible cute. These jumping animal pictures can bring inspiration and energy for every viewer. So, you say I can’t jump? I’ll show you now. Want to see more? Dogs can jump too. I am one with the wind. I am the wind. Come […]

sand seal

Spa Time

There are 33 species of seal world-wide. Grey seals have been known to live for 46 years, they are larger than common seals, and have a distinctive profile. Seals are insulated from the cold by a thick layer of blubber, they have sensitive whiskers that help them to detect prey in murky waters. Grey seals […]

Cat sleeping on the handrail

Sleeping on the edge: 9 unbelievable places where cats can sleep

Cats are very fond of climbing and they love to sleep. In fact, as all cats owners know, these adorable kitties spend almost two third of the day sleeping or snoozing. Although I know cats are very well trained climbers, I am still amazed in what places they choose to take a nap. And finally […]


You don’t wanna upset us

The Siberian Husky¬† are alert, adaptable, eager to please, and extremely loyal, they love to spend time with their humans and participate in family activities. They are bright, intuitive, and easy to train but also tend to forget and need reminding. Siberians love children and use them as an outlet for their energy. Siberians can […]

cat and rain

Adorable summer rain pictures

Summer rain, please come and stay. Someone is waiting for summer… source: Amy Dykstra Someone is trying to catch rain drops Someone has to cut the grass Someone has only one job: to be happy dancing in the rain source: fantasyphotographyonline Someone finds his love in the rain    


Cute Blue Eyes

The cougar, also known as puma, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther, depending on the region, holds the Guinness record for the animal with the highest number of names. It has over 40 names in English alone! Puma is the second largest cat in North America, after the jaguar. Unlike other big cats, the […]


Best massage ever: kitten kneading pug

Toby, the pug, gets a massage from kitten. Lucky one! I couldn’t convince my kitten to do the same for me. Why cats knead after all? One of the reason is marking their territory for any unfamiliar cats that might appear in the area. When they knead, some glands located in the soft pads on […]

Two dogs sleeping with a cat in a chair.

Nap Time: cats sleeping with dogs

Getting tired? Let’s try some massage first. Comfy, my friend?   Maybe you need a blanket. I’ll tuck you in.   This is the best blanket ever. A little bit of stretching… I won’t bite. And I’m not going to smell your feet! Let’s have bunk beds!   Or make a spoon. Oh, that’s more […]

Dog sitting like people in car

How cool are these guys?

Living with a dog makes its owner kind of looking like their pet, they say. The other side of the saying becomes true sometime. These dogs sit like people and it seems they enjoy it. Well, there may be some situations when dogs simply agree to sit how they owners make them too. They are […]

Kitten sleeping

Nap Time: Let’s count kittens

And one kitten… Two kittens sleeping… Three kittens… Four kittens…   Five kittens sleeping together… Six… No, wait! How many kittens are there?    

violet dolphins

Charming photos of purple sea creatures

Rare and amazing, the delightful purple is present from the sand of the beach to the depth of the water. Purple beach The sand of the violet Pfeiffer Beach has this purple shade due to the presence of manganese garnet particles. source: Purple sea snail Purple sea snail or Janthina spends almost its entire […]


Cutest fruit looking like water animals

Playing with your food is not such a bad thing, after all. Playing with leftovers is not a bad thing at all. Look what can be made of orange peel. Lemons are also a good choice when it comes for fruit carving, making some curled yellow fish. It is scaring, but also fun and full […]

cute sheeps

Weeeee’re sooo cuuuute

Did you know? Sheep have very good memories. They can remember at least 50 individual sheep and humans for years. They do this by using a similar neural process and part of the brain that humans use to remember. Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illnesses. They will eat specific plants when […]